About Us

Fashion Point Tekstil Üretim A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul in 1993.

Since the day that it was founded, Fashion Point has aimed to be the leader production company of the textile industry and to direct the fashion. It has a production capacity of 400.000 pieces a month with its 1000 employees in its 3 different production facilities, which are fully integrated with each other, on an area of 20.000m2 in total.


Our innovation-oriented R&D Center, which is consistently renewed on scientific and technological basis and consisting of employees with technical knowledge and background, creates hundreds of new fabric, style and wash designs every month.


Being a leader textile enterprise that establishes permanent superiority by creating difference and that directs the sector in Turkey and the World in general


Accepting the respect for the environment and for the people in all the processes and the facilities as the basic principle

Being the preferred manufacturer in the eyes of our customers and being a solution partner

Perfecting the processes with the philosophies of constant development and innovation

Increasing the creativity with Research and Development Studies and directing the fashion.


Enabling the most efficient use of the natural resources within the scope of sustainability

Treatment of the wastes in the ways that do not give harm to the nature by processing them in the treatment facilities within our company

Making sure that environmentally friendly materials are used

Ensuring that our employees in all of our facilities use equipment such as goggles, gloves, masks, plastic boots etc. so that they protect their health.


Ensuring complete satisfaction of the internal and external customers.

Doing correct production at first time and preventing the quality errors before they occur with the perfection of the process.

Applying the constant improvement philosophy (KAIZEN) in all areas